Tradition Starts Here

North Pointe Preparatory is a secondary school in Phoenix, AZ featuring both Junior High (JH) and High School (HS) courses in a college prep environment. We have a long standing tradition of serving our community through growth, engagement, and responsiveness. This has led to North Pointe being named a consistent U.S. News best ranked school for the Phoenix area year over year. In fact, North Pointe is currently the #2 ranked school for high schools in the Northwest Phoenix area, beating out charter schools, traditional schools, and union schools in the area. However, North Pointe is more than just a top their education.

At North Pointe we strive to provide our scholars with the skills and abilities they will need to excel in life outside of school. Yes, many of our scholars go on to college, but we also recognize that college is not the right fit for everyone. As a result, we seek to educate the child as a whole. North Pointe puts an emphasis on creating good people who are of high moral standing and display integrity in all situations. Unlike many schools in our area, North Pointe does not tolerate fighting, gangs, or inappropriate behavior.

Located at 43rd Ave and Dunlap Ave, North Pointe serves a variety of demographics. As we continue to grow, we strive to keep a small school feel. It is for this reason that our scholars tend to be more inclusive when dealing with one another than you may find on other campuses. A unique aspect of our school is the ability for anyone to start here and fit right in, feeling at home during their first week on campus. It is not our job to tell your scholar who to be, but rather to help them reach their full potential and become their best self. For this reason, North Pointe features gender-neutral restrooms with floor to ceiling private stalls. We offer a cafe like you would find on a college campus in order to give scholars more faculty over their nutritional choices. We feature cutting edge classes like Animated Film Studies, AVID, and PrepTV. The latter class is a TV production class that encompasses both in studio experience on a working sound stage and field work covering the variety of activities that we host.

If you’re looking for a small school with big opportunities, know that North Pointe is here for you.

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